What is COLE?

Web Media of Crafts and Food

It was born on June 1, 2019.


Through crafts (CO), we propose wonderful items that resonate with the heart up to eating (LE).


Heisei Roman Co., Ltd. Heisei Romantic Co., Ltd.

January 17, 2019



... History...

July 2017 Mail order mln table opened for glasses and bowls
January 2018 Opening of the event Ebisu Marche, Aoyama Farmer's Market, etc.
October 2018 Start of sales of French antiques Oedo Antique City, Shibuya Flea Market, etc.
November 2018 Gallery Kaimikan Daikanyama Exhibition
December 2018 Sales of original Japanese tableware
January 2019 Heisei Roman Co., Ltd. was established.
Reiwa, 1999 Web media of crafts and foodCOLE (Released in the
Reiwa, 1912 Mejirodai International Village, The University of Tokyo VILLAGE MARCHE Production of the permanent exhibition "SEASONS"
Reiwa, New Year's Day Tokyo Big SightIndustrial Exchange Exhibition 2019Exhibited at
Reiwa, 2002 COLE selection "Cheer up everyone! Make everyone smile!Start of the project



Reiwa 17, 2016

EC site that was once paused (Mail order of glasses and bowlsmln table
Through this project, it became COLE selection and will be restarted again.
In this kind of activity,
I was able to meet kind-hearted writers, companies, and COLE members who were willing to participate in this project, and I was able to make a new start.

Now that everyone is hard, this is the time
In one activity called "Donating 10% of Sales", if you are pleased even a little for those who have the same purpose and are watching, I hope that you will be able to enjoy exciting projects, smile, heal your heart, and contribute to people who make things with little power.

After the release, I would like to express my gratitude to those who watched the announcement and talked to me, and to the people who are involved now.

I'm singing about this project for the first time.
Aiming for a day that seems to be