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Akai-no-sato shirashaku

Akai-no-sato shirashaku

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The water plate of Kato Akai, covered with white glaze and white glaze in the soil, is a dish of the water.
What kind of material do you want to adjust?I feel like I'm being asked.
And this is the size of the main plate,
We've finally got the ingredients, the matted ingredients, the ingredients.
This is a bowl of dishes that you would like to have with various foods.

Size: Approximate 21.5cm in diameter and about 3.5 cm in diameter
Material: Ceramics
Delivery: the shortest shipment (except for Saturdays and holidays) in the shortest day of business
You may take your time by the availability of inventory.
In the above case, please contact us by email.

Please, Client. Please.

It's made out of hand by author's hand.Therefore, there may be individual differences in size, shape, color, and stalk depending on the baking and raw materials.We have a sample to enable you to be satisfied, but to the extent that you don't have a good enough to use it.Dimensions, shapes, colors, patternsIn regard to such differences, please make an order to understand the characteristics of the vessel.Please note that the color and texture of products may vary slightly depending on the monitoring environment or browser used, and the color of the screen and the actual product may vary slightly depending on the browser.


And the recipe column that I put on the machine of Mr. Akio Kato,This way.and you can see it from you.

Aue Katō

A dropout from Osaka University of Arts and Arts
Aichi Prefectural Seto Kiln School: Graduation of the Ceramic Art Department
I have an atelier in Inoh City, Saitama Prefecture.




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