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Yamanaka lacquer ware Kasho 菴 Shizuku cup Colorful mat

Yamanaka lacquer ware Kasho 菴 Shizuku cup Colorful mat

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A lovely silhouette with a colon and a surprisingly thin mouthpiece. The rising scent collects in the cup and you can enjoy it firmly. It's light and durable, so it's safe for everyday use. Ideal for drinks that enjoy the aroma that blooms in the cup.

Size: Diameter φ8.6 cm Height approx. 9.8 cm
Capacity: 280cc
Material: Lacquer (Yamanaka lacquerware)
Specifications: Urethane coating
Delivery time: Ships in 2 to 3 business days at the earliest (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
It may take some time depending on the stock status.
In the above cases, we will contact you by email.

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Each one is made by hand by a craftsman. Therefore, the dimensions, shape, color, pattern, etc. may vary from individual to individual depending on the firing and raw materials. We have inspected the products to satisfy our customers, but there is no problem in using them.Dimensions, shape, color, patternPlease understand the differences as the characteristics of the vessel before ordering. In addition, regarding the color and texture of the product, please note that the color of the screen and the actual product may differ slightly depending on the monitor environment and browser used.


Yamanaka lacquer ware kasyoan

It is a brand of high-precision lacquer ware made by rokurohiki, which uses wood made mainly of domestically produced natural wood (zelkova, tochi, cherry blossoms, stoppers, etc.) as the material.
Regardless of tradition, new items are made in line with modern lifestyles.




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