Kimura Glass: Granada 25oz Burgundy
Kimura Glass: Granada 25oz Burgundy

Kimura Glass: Granada 25oz Burgundy

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It is a delicate hand-made glass made of very thin glass. It is the shape of a bowl of bawl that flows into the legs and legs. It is designed with the overall height of the design.

Size: The height is 190mm in height, 67mm in diameter, 113mm in diameter. 
Capacity: 830cc
Material: Carriclistal
Kind:wine glass
Number of feet: 1 leg
Makebox: Dedicated makeup-box
Delivery: Shipped in the shortest third business days (except for Saturdays and holidays)

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Kimura Glass

Since the start of the company, Kimura Glass Co. has been making a number of its own designs with many craftsmanship and factory cooperation as a manufacturer without plants in the fields of the professional tabulwers.

Since about 60 years ago, the glass glass has been used as a standard for Japanese food beer glasses since it has been used in Kansai's kappos and ryotei.The polar beer glass, which marked the mark of a crane, was also flying around the world on a propeller.

"Peabo," and "Peabo," which has a fine-grained stem (a leg of a glass), and the "Kikatsu" and "Wrap" of cocktail glasses, which have been supported by Bartenders, are a series of glass series that I want to recommend.

These glasses are requested by Selective Shop and Life Style Shop, both at home and abroad, as well as other requests.

At Kimura Glass, we have made excellent design products from overseas, and offer a variety of concepts to restaurants in various concepts.We will continue to focus on the development of a better table wayer, while submitting your request, your opinions, and your feedback.