Kimura Glass Store Bello M
Kimura Glass Store Bello M
Kimura Glass Store Bello M
Kimura Glass Store Bello M

Kimura Glass Store Bello M

Normal price ¥4,200
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Handmade ultra-thin glass with a wide mouth. Stacking is also possible. I made it as a wine glass without a stem.

Size: Height 67mm Caliber 75mm 
Capacity: 155cc
Material: Barium Crystal
Type:Rock glass
Number of units: 1
Cosmetic box: A special cosmetic box
Delivery time: Shipped in as little as 3 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

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Kimura Glass

Since its establishment, Kimura Glass Has been making a number of in-house design glasses with the cooperation of many craftsmen and factories as a manufacturer without factories in the field of tableware used by professionals.

Since I used it at a Japanese restaurant and a restaurant in Kansai about 60 years ago, I have continued to use it as a staple of Japanese beer glasses. The beer glass of the extreme Uzu with the mark of the crane also flew all over the world on the propeller plane.

In addition, "Peavo" with a very fine stem (glass foot), which is popular in French and Italian restaurants, and "Kikatsu" and "Wrap" of cocktail glasses that have been supported by bartenders are a series of glasses that we would like to recommend to you more.

These glasses are requested by select shops and lifestyle shops in Japan and overseas, and are also available to the general public.

At Kimura Glass, in accordance with the production of original glasses, we select products with excellent designs from overseas and propose them to restaurants with various concepts. We will continue to focus on the development of better tableware while listening to customer requests and opinions.