Kimura Vitre, Peabo, Orthodox, 62987-390.
Kimura Vitre, Peabo, Orthodox, 62987-390.

Kimura Vitre, Peabo, Orthodox, 62987-390.

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The original wine glass series of the Kimura vitreous store, which is made based on traditional wine glass shoes, incorporates requests from sommeliers, chefs and rulers who are active in the food scene.

This is what Peabo Osodox is about.

Size:Height 245mm. Palimeter 70mm. Maximum diameter 105mm.
Capacity: 725cc
Materials: Calycrystal
Kind: Wine glasses
Number: One leg.
Cosmetic boxes: dedicated makeup boxes
Paying season: Shipment at shortest three business days (except for the Saturn Day celebration)

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kimura vitreous store

Kimura Glass Store has been working with many craftsmen and factories as manufacturers who have no factory in the field of table wear used by professionals since its inception, and has made several glasses of their own design.

The soot glass has been used as a staple of Japanese beer glasses since the Kansai portion and the japanese jar for 60 years. The very beer glass with the mark of the crusade was also flying around the world on the propeller.

They also have a good reputation at French and Italian restaurants, a series of glasses we want to recommend, and a series of glasses that we know more about the “peabo” with a small stem (grass foot) and the “tree win” and “rap” of cocktail glasses that Mr. Bartenders supports.

These glasses are also requested by the public for requests from select shops, lifestyle shops, and domestic and international.

In addition to the original glass production, Kimura Glass store selects good design products from overseas and offers them to restaurants with various concepts. Now, I will continue to focus on developing better tableweathers with the desires and opinions of customers.