COLE selection-kitchen cross
COLE selection-kitchen cross
COLE selection-kitchen cross

COLE selection-kitchen cross

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Of course, even if you carry an iron pan or a sodine pot or a rug or a rug, it is a pun of a pun coding.It is also a convenient cross as a material for shooting.White gray and black gray are 100 % organic Cotton, and are soft to the skin.

By size, it can be used for gift products ordered by COLE selection, as well as wrapping instead of wrapping like a wrapping cloth.Please contact us for your request for consultation.


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Size: 45 cm wide, 65 centimeters wide
Delivery: the shortest shipment (except for Saturdays and holidays) in the shortest day of business
You may take your time by the availability of inventory.
In the above case, please contact us by email.

Black-linen, 100 %.
Whitegray ... Organic Cotton, 100 %.
Blackgray, Augonic Cotton, 100 %.

Made in Japan

Please, Client. Please.

It's made of hand by hand.Therefore, dimensions, such as dimensions, may result in a population difference in some cases.We have been working on a sample to ensure that you are satisfied with your request, but if you have an understanding of the degree of distortion that is not supported by your use, please provide an understanding of your understanding of your understanding.Please note that the color and texture of products may vary slightly depending on the monitoring environment or browser used, and the color of the screen and the actual product may vary slightly depending on the browser.


The COLE selection of originals cross is introduced by COLE.


COLE selection Original
It's easy to take on Cotton and Linen in everyday life, and you can take a meal with the fabric of your choice.Hitotsuitotsuitotsutsu is made in a single heart.

COLE selection


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