COLE Selection, Lunchcross Totion
COLE Selection, Lunchcross Totion

COLE Selection, Lunchcross Totion

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It is also a convenient cross for lunchcloths, wine torsion, and filming fabrics that wrap up lunch boxes.

By size, you can handle gift products you have ordered in COLE selection instead of wrapping them like a bathroom.


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Size: 50cm longitudinal
Paying season: Shortest shipping in one business day (except for the dirt celebration)
If you want to spend time in stock situations, you can have a good time.
If you are above, please contact me by email.

100% of the koji (yellow)... linen
100% cotton

japanese-made in Japan

Please, customer.

Because it is made by hand, dimensions can be different from individual differences in some cases. I am a good man to be satisfied with your customers, but I ask you to order your understanding for the distortion of your use. Also, depending on the color and texture of the product, the monitor environment available and the browser may vary somewhat in the color of the screen and actual product, so please understand.


COLE selection How to use the original cross is presented to COLE.


It is easy to be used in everyday life, mainly in cotton and linen, and it is a good thing to be used for meal shooting.


2020.5.24 sales start.