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Chestokawa store, comedian.

Chestokawa store, comedian.

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Payment for entry
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Materials: Asu Ferry Mountains produce bamboo, hands and paper, homemade persimmons
Narrow: Shortest 1 Industry Day (Dirt Day Exclusion)
In the library condition, time occasion.
There are records, links.

Use of entry to the session.

Uselessly, untouched land.

He's cute.
He's a model....


Employees do their homework. Inch, shape, color, handles are poor and self-individual.Inch, shape, color, handleWait for the breach, the commodity characteristics understanding understanding above the wish. How many occasions and occasions of color of commodities, color, texture, use of environment, pictures and inter-screen commodities have been carried.


Chestokawa Store Sausu...

Chestokawa store

Manufacturing of "Yuancheon Store" in Kamoto-chi, Kamato-kushimashi, Kumamoto
Bamboo and paper natural materials make the skilled staff work on various "".
There are no ripe persimmons (tomato) and paper husbands and long-held wormproof fruits.
The yearly colours are very sensible and sensible in the unique colors of "The Year" and the times of the present day are very sensible.
There is a strong saying of the people who come to the country, and the name of the city.



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