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Kurikawa Shoten Kurumin Shibuuchiwa Sen fan plain

Kurikawa Shoten Kurumin Shibuuchiwa Sen fan plain

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A plain sen fan shibu fan. Original "fan-in" with.


Size:250 × 370mm
Ingredients: Mtake from Aso Sogaiwayama, hand-made Japanese paper, homemade persimmon astringency
Delivery time: Shipped in as little as one business day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Depending on the availability, it may take some time.
In the above case, we will contact you by e-mail.

Because I put it in a special bag and deliver it, it is recommended for a present.

Three types of traditional plain orchids are available.

Other pop and astringent cute fan
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Customer's request

It is made one by one by hand by the craftsman. Therefore, there may be individual differences in dimensions, shapes, colors, patterns, etc. We inspect to satisfy our customers, but to the extent that there is no need for useDimensions, shapes, colors, patternsRegarding the difference, etc., please order after understanding so that you can understand it as a characteristic of the product. Please note that the color and texture of the product may differ slightly from the color of the screen and the actual product depending on the monitor environment and browser used.


What is Kurikawa Shoten's introduction column?HereYou can see it from .

Kurikawa Shoten

Kurikawa Shoten, which manufactures traditional Shibuuchiwa in Shikamoto-cho, Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture
It is a variety of "Shibuuchiwa" made by skilled craftsmen using natural materials such as bamboo and Japanese paper.
By applying the persimmon astringency taken from the blue immature thra-don (bean bean persimmon) to the fan, the Japanese paper is made strong, and it serves as an insect repellent effect at the same time as making it last longer.
The peace of mind due to the unique color beauty of Shibuuchiwa, lying in depth with the years, brings important meaning to the current era.
It is said that business prospers in the sense that "the people come" as the name of the town is said to be made only by the people.



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