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Kurikawa Shoten: Shibu Minakuin no Shitawato Isekito

Kurikawa Shoten: Shibu Minakuin no Shitawato Isekito

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Uchiwa iseiri-tsuwagiwa


Size:150 × 310mm
Material: Shinchiku, Gimatake, Tea-suki, and Kakushimu from Outer House of Outer Mountains
Delivery: the shortest shipment (except for Saturdays and holidays) in the shortest day of business
You may take your time by the availability of inventory.
In the above case, please contact us by email.

As a gift, it will be delivered in a special order, so it is recommended as a present as well.

There are three types of traditional aunts that are available.

It's a pop. It's a pop. It's a cute.
Other markings.This way.and you can see it from you.

Please, Client. Please.

One of the workmen of the craftsman is made of a single one.As a result, there may be individual differences in dimensions, shape, color, and stalk.We have a sample to enable you to be satisfied, but to the extent that you don't have a good enough to use it.Dimensions, shapes, colors, patternsPlease make an order to understand the difference between the two, so that you can understand the characteristics of the product.Please note that the color and texture of products may vary slightly depending on the monitoring environment or browser used, and the color of the screen and the actual product may vary slightly depending on the browser.


The cheston-going column of Kurikawa Shopping Co.,This way.and you can see it from you.

Kurikawa Shoten

Kurikawa Shopping Co., Co., Co., Co., Co., Co., Co., Co., Co., Co., Co., Co., Co., Kumamoto Prefecture, produces
It is a variety of 'Shitawa' which were made by skilled artisans using natural materials such as bamboos and washi (Japanese paper).
With the persimmon juice taken from the blue persimmon (bean persimmon), which is painted in blue, the Japanese paper is strong and the insecticide effect functions as well as the prolongation of the Japanese paper.
As with the years and years of 'buzesu' with a deepening of shades of color, the unique color beauty of the mind has a meaningful meaning in today's era.
It is said that the business is prosperous in the sense that "people are coming" as the town names are, among the people who come to the people only.



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