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The contents provided by this service, the damage received by the mail magazine of our delivery
Trouble arising among users in connection with this service
Trouble arising from the content and service of websites other than our website linked from our website
The damage arising on the basis of the environment such as the computer, the line, the software for the exemption and the copyright
The damage received by the user due to the suspension or suspension of the service or the content of the service
Damage, etc.related to the use, use, and download of the information and materials published on this site
In order to inspect information and to provide services, please follow your legal obligations and ask for your responsibility.




All copyrights, portraits, characters, marks, and other information (such as "possession, intellectual property, portrait, publicity, etc."), all of the copyrights, characters, marks, and other information (such as "content", hereinafter referred to as "content"), which are listed in our services, shall be subject to us or the relevant information It belongs to the content provider with the right.
The user shall not acquire any rights with respect to the content and shall not conduct any act that infringes on the rights on the content.
When a problem arises in violation of the provision of the preceding paragraph, the user shall solve the problem in the expense and liability of his own, and shall not give any trouble or damage to the company.
The information on this site is subject to copyright protection by the copyright act of Japan and the international convention.
We cannot conduct the reproduction without permission to the company except for the act which has been recognized in the copyright law, such as private use or citation. The whole or part of the content of this site cannot be changed without permission.
We use the citation site, the bilingual media, the site site, the news site, the app, the blog, the magazine, the free paper, and the like, and it does not use the contents of our copyright content (article / image), the full text quotation, the circulation, the copy, the reproduction, and RSS, and the contents are stolen as it is It is strictly prohibited to do.
In the case of non disclosure, it is agreed to pay the publication expense regardless of the juridical person and individual.
There may be countermeasures against such infringement acts, including legal means.


Moreover, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance regarding all conflicts related to this website.



Supplementary Provisions
February 29, 2020: enacted and enforced
Revision: March 6, 2020