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Sublow Corner Dish Small V-Cut Light Blue

Sublow Corner Dish Small V-Cut Light Blue

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Kiln means kiln. We use a technique called kiln work in glass crafts at high temperatures of 550 to 900 degrees Celsius.
There are "melting temperature", "melting temperature", "glossing temperature", "bending temperature", and we combine them to produce. It is a very old technique, and it takes time and effort, and the kiln does mischief, but it creates a unique atmosphere. I still feel the unknown possibilities and work on it.

Size: Diameter about 12cm Thickness about 1.3cm
Delivery time: Shipped in as little as one business day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Depending on the availability, it may take some time.
In the above case, we will contact you by e-mail.
Because everything is made by hand, there is a personality one by one in the pattern and the cut etc.Please order it after understanding it.

Microwave: × / Oven: × / Dishwasher: ×
What is the recipe to eat in Mr. Saburo bowl? HereYou can see it from .

Mr. Saburo is from Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, where Lake Biwa is located. It is a series of "V-cut" in which the water surface of Lake Biwa shines brightly, decorated with a pattern engraved in the series "Afumi" which imaged Lake Biwa.

Sublow Jintsing Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. + calm life

1976 Born in Shiga Prefecture
1996 Worked in wine in Germany.
Impressed by the church, built of glass blocks in Berlin, which I visited while I was in Germany.
After returning to Japan in 2000, he moved to Toyama.
2003 Graduated from the Department of Art and Design, Toyama Glass Institute
After graduation, he participated in various events, mainly art works.
I want to do my best in the event for glass, and I also plan and run it.
Interest shifts from art to interior design.
2005 Interested in crafts and working on full-scale production.
Currently, he is actively exhibiting at solo and group exhibitions in various places.











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