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Kazune Mizutani Flower Small Plate

Kazune Mizutani Flower Small Plate

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I make pottery using porcelain soil from Amakusa, Kumamoto.
Amakusa porcelain is a very beautiful color, hard and durable.
It feels good to the touch.
By all means, this is a work that I would like you to pick up.

Size: Diameter about 13cm Height about 3m
Delivery time: Shipped in as little as one business day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Depending on the availability, it may take some time.
In the above case, we will contact you by e-mail.
Material: Amakusa porcelain

Customer's request

It is made one by one by the artist's hand. Therefore, individual differences in dimensions, shapes, colors, patterns, etc. may occur due to firing and raw materials. We inspect it so that our customers can be satisfied, but we ask that you order it after understanding it as a characteristic of the vessel with regard to distortion, etc. to the extent that there is no need for use. Please note that the color and texture of the product may differ slightly from the color of the screen and the actual product depending on the monitor environment and browser used.

Kazune Mizutani

1988 Born in Kumamoto Prefecture
2013 Training under Takashi Yomiya for three years











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