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Aya Yuki plate φ285.h50

Aya Yuki plate φ285.h50

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A fascinating purple vessel that imagines Akebiya and eggplant.
Ishikawa Prefecture, where Aya Yuki is active, is a famous production area for Kutani ware.
Originally, Mr. Yuki also made Kutani ware.
The purple glaze is a uniquely formulated color, and we are particular about the crystals that shine in the center of the vessel.

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Size: Diameter approx. 28.5 cm Height approx. 5 cm
Delivery time: Ships in 1 business day at the earliest (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
It may take some time depending on the stock status.
In the above cases, we will contact you by email.

Material: Porcelain
Microwave oven: × / Oven: × / Dishwasher: × / Scouring powder: ×

Please wash as soon as possible after use.
Clean with a soft sponge and kitchen cleaner, or soak in bleach if you are concerned about dirt.
Since everything is made by hand, each glaze and shape has its own individuality.
Please note before ordering.

《Ceramic history》

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture
1998 Graduated from Ishikawa Prefectural Kutani Yaki Technical Training Institute
2013 52nd Japan Contemporary Craft Art Exhibition
Japan Contemporary Craft Art Exhibition TV Kanazawa President's Award
2014 Yamashiro Onsen Gui Roaring Contest Winner
Exhibited at Craft Fair
Solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, etc. at galleries and department stores

Activity base: Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture











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