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Yosawa Wood Craft Nagaki Gourd Bon Festival

Yosawa Wood Craft Nagaki Gourd Bon Festival

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Size:longitudinal about230mm transverse circumference360mm height about19mm
Materials: Timber/Courty
Cosmetic boxes: There
Paying season: Shipment at shortest three business days (except for the Saturn Day celebration)
If you want to spend time in stock situations, you can have a good time.
If you are above, please contact me by email.

Other works of the craftsman of the timberThis way.From here.

Please, customer.

Because the authors are working on each work, the dimensions, shapes, colors, and patterns are different from each other, and they are looking for a good deal of money to be satisfied with the customer, but they are not in a position to use it.dimensions, shapes, colors, hiltsIf you have any differences, please understand the characteristics of the instrument as a good order. Also, depending on the color and texture of the product, the monitor environment available and the browser may vary somewhat in the color of the screen and actual product, so please understand.


forty-sawa wood craft

In 1947, he was founded in Ryushima City, Ishikawa Prefecture as a wooden house for lacquerware.
Processing technology is wide, with fingers, bents, locros, and NC processing.
It has a lot of domestic and overseas wood materials and responds to various orders.
In September 2013, we started manufacturing and selling original wood products.
In April 2019, he was named Branding Director.
September 2019 to announce the series "KITO" "ara!"












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