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Forty-season wood craft and craft flowering wheel

Forty-season wood craft and craft flowering wheel

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Size: Approximate 303 mm in diameter and 19mm in diameter
Materials: Lumber/Keyaki
Makebox: There
Delivery: Shipped in the shortest third business days (except for Saturdays and holidays)
You may take your time by the availability of inventory.
In the above case, please contact us by email.

The other works of the 40-long-woodworking artistsThis way.from

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It's made out of hand by author's hand.As a result, there may be individual differences such as dimensions, shapes, colors, and patterns.We have a sample to enable you to be satisfied, but to the extent that you don't have a good enough to use it.Dimensions, shapes, colors, patternsIn regard to such differences, please make an order to understand the characteristics of the vessel.Please note that the color and texture of products may vary slightly depending on the monitoring environment or browser used, and the color of the screen and the actual product may vary slightly depending on the browser.


Forty-wood craft

In 1947, it was founded in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture as a kijiya (woodland shop) of lacquerware.
The technique of processing is wide ranging from finger to finger, croc, and hollowed-out to the hollowed-out process.
The company has many wooden materials at home and abroad, and is capable of dealing with various orders.
In September, 2013, the company started to produce the original equipment for the original tree.
In April, 2019, the director general of the Daji Masanori will be the director of branding.
September 2019: 'KITO' and 'ara!' series












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