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asahineko Cypress bottle cooler single

asahineko Cypress bottle cooler single

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Hinoki is so important that it is called Kiso.
The wood grain is dense,has a neat color, rich in aroma and luster,and the appearance after processing is also very beautiful.
The material is robust and there is little madness,and it is known as a magnificent and elegant high-class building material, including Ise Jingu Shrine.

To customers please

It is made one by one by hand by a craftsman.Therefore, the size, shape, color, pattern, etc. may occur individual differences by firing and raw materials.We are inspecting to satisfy our customers, but to the extent that there is no problem to useDimensions,shapes,colors,patternsAs for the difference, please order on understanding so that you can understand as the characteristics of the vessel.Please note that the color and texture of the product may vary slightly depending on your monitor Environment and browser.



Tsukechi is also known as the village of Sacred Trees of Ise Jingu Shrine shikinen Sengu.
It is a production area where there are many woodworking industries against the background of rich wood resources, and you can find it just in the middle of Japan when you look at the map.
the brand name asahineko is a local Conifer called Kiso Itoki that grows in tsukechi、
Asunaro, Sawara, Hinoki, Nezuko, and koyamaki are the general term for everyday tools.The name is derived from the initials of Itsuki.、
This name is an old-fashioned word that children learn when they learn the name of a tree locally,and the brand name is based on the tree culture rooted in tsukechi.

This series is made from soft and light conifers, and features thick and comfortable details.
The rough curved surface reveals a unique wood grain pattern.
The inside is coated with lacquer to enhance waterproofness as well as the texture of Cypress.
It is an item that can enjoy the contrast.












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