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'asahineko': Japanese cypress-double-breathe

'asahineko': Japanese cypress-double-breathe

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Size:285 × 170 × 200mm
Materials: Hinoki
Delivery: Shipped in the shortest third business days (except for Saturdays and holidays)
You may take your time by the availability of inventory.
In the above case, please contact us by email.


Hironoki is the most important tree in the five trees, the more the tree is said to be Kiso.
The biggest feature is that the trees are meticulously delicate and rich in color and fragrance and glossy, and the appearance after processing is very beautiful.
The material is roddy, and it is known as a magnificent, elegant and high-grade building material, such as Ise Jingu Shrine.

Please, Client. Please.

One of the workmen of the craftsman is made of a single one.Therefore, there may be individual differences in size, shape, color, and stalk depending on the baking and raw materials.We have a sample to enable you to be satisfied, but to the extent that you don't have a good enough to use it.Dimensions, shapes, colors, patternsIn regard to such differences, please make an order to understand the characteristics of the vessel.Please note that the color and texture of products may vary slightly depending on the monitoring environment or browser used, and the color of the screen and the actual product may vary slightly depending on the browser.



The name of the shrine is also known as the sacred tree of the year of the Shikinen Sengu (the annual transfer of the Sengu) to Ise Jingu Shrine.
It is a production area with many woodworking industries against the backdrop of rich timber resources, and it can be found in the middle of Japan when viewed on a map.
The brand name "asahineko" is a local conifers called Kiso Goki, who grew up with this sticky note.
This is a general term for a living tool that uses sawing, straw, mouse, and twirds, twirds, twirs, and thaws.It is a name from the initiators of the five trees.
This name was used in the local community where children were taught when they learned the name of a tree, and the culture of trees rooted in tsukemi was branded as the brand name.

The softness and lightness of coniferous trees are used to make a common series with the thickness of the thickness and texture.
The broad surface of the curved line is floating in the form of a unique wood-pattern.
The inside is wiped and lacquered, and the waterproofing is high, and it is said to be the same as the crab of the cypress.
Items that you can enjoy the contrast.












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