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Kazukide Tamura

Kazukide Tamura

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Size: Approximate 8 cm in diameter and about 7 cm
Material: Ceramics
Delivery: the shortest shipment (except for Saturdays and holidays) in the shortest day of business
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The ceramic of Kyushu and Amakusa is cultivated by his own work.In recent years, the clay of grey clay and the permeable clay of Shingaku are blended, but in the center of their production there is Tenkusa-ishi stone.

Amakusa is a very smooth texture and a highly plastic soil.I've always wonted to make use of this plasticity.If you look at the tense of the arc of a circle made of a potter's wheel, or with a potter's wheel, you can see the tension in the eye.It is very important for your molds to be shaped without compromising the sense of tension.
I like the Chinese pottery celadon and the white porcelain of modern writers, and they burn the gas kiln to the burning.The white porcelain for me reflects the snow.The reason why he returned to his hometown of Akita after nine years of his life might have been the reason why he wanted to make the scenery of Akita Prefecture in his work.

Hajime Tamura


Please, Client. Please.

It's made out of hand by author's hand.Therefore, there may be individual differences in size, shape, color, and stalk depending on the baking and raw materials.We have a sample to enable you to be satisfied, but to the extent that you don't have a good enough to use it.Dimensions, shapes, colors, patternsIn regard to such differences, please make an order to understand the characteristics of the vessel.Please note that the color and texture of products may vary slightly depending on the monitoring environment or browser used, and the color of the screen and the actual product may vary slightly depending on the browser.

A recipe for a Tamura-one-san potteryThis way.and you can see it from you.

The works of Tamura Ichi-san are images of the winter sky in Akita Prefecture.
It is a kind of earthenware that feels a clean and white material, and a color instrument that dyes nicely with its white color.
One of Tamura's utensils, who had been educated in psychology at the university, reminds us of human beings.The gray area is colored by the husk of the new government of Akita Prefecture in Japan.


Hajime Tamura

Born in Akita Prefecture.
Waseda University Graduate School of Writers Started the Writers' Activities in Tokyo after finishing graduate school
In 2002, he moved to Masuko Town, Haga County, Tochigi Prefecture.
Returreturned to the Akita Prefecture in 2011 and now











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