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Il Tamura, Mug, White.

Il Tamura, Mug, White.

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The self-made works are used in the ceramic soil of Kyushu and Asakusa, and in recent years, the spectacular soil of gray clay and Shinraku has also been blended, but there are also a few ceramic stones at the center of his production.
Asakusa is a very smooth touch, a highly plastic soil, and I always want to make a shape that uses plasticity. Even if you look at the tension of the “circle” that is made of shrinking, breaking, or molding, you can see it very comfortably, and the shape that does not hurt your tension is very important for your molding.
He likes Chinese celadon and modern writers' celadon, and he burns gas with reduced burning. For himself, celadon reflects snow. After nine years of life, I returned to Akita in Gori because I wanted to make the winter scenery of Akita as a work.

damura ichi


Materials... pottery, porcelain
Microwave oven: ×/ dishwasher: ×


Ichichi Tamura's work is imaged in the winter sky of Akita.
The instrument that feels the beautiful white material of the sky, the color of the color that gently dyes the white color.
There is also a bowl that reminds people of Tamura Ichi, who learned psychology during college, and the gray part of the color that comes out of the shell of the Japanese liquor Shinjin in Akita Prefecture.
Because it is all made by hand, there is one personality in medicine and shape.
Please, please order me.

The recipe I'm eating with the bowl of TamuraThis way.I'll see you from now on.

The Pottery.

1973 Akita Prefecture
2000 After completing graduate school at Waseda University, he began his writership in Tokyo
2002, I moved to Matsuko Town, Yoshiga-gun, Ki Prefecture.
2011 Return to Akita Prefecture, reaching the present











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