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Kazarino-money clip ripple

Kazarino-money clip ripple

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As the name suggests, the"ripples"of the 錺 pattern express the ripples that appear in the calm sea.

It is a money clip that uses the technology of metal fittings and spreads the metal on the surface.
Because it is made of phosphor bronze, which has excellent spring properties and high strength, it is difficult to loose due to wear and tear and can be used for a long time.
On the characteristics of the material, you can enjoy a unique texture that changes to a deep color as you use it.
In addition, since the warping part of the edge of the clip has become a curve, it is smooth to put in and out of the bill.
A maximum of 15 cards can be folded in two.
It is also recommended for men who are resistant to bulging pockets and women who always use small bags.

Size: about length 71 * width 45 * thickness 6mm
Delivery time: shipped in 3 working days (excluding weekends and holidays)
It may take some time depending on availability.
In the above case, we will contact you by e-mail.
Material:phosphor bronze


KAZARINO-Money ClipHere.From

To customers please

As this product is not painted so that you can enjoy the aging change of phosphor bronze, please note that it will change color due to aging change.It is made one by one by the writer's hand.For that、Fine scratches, stains, uneven color, scrapes, spots on the surface, etc.Individual differences may occur.We do the inspection so that you can satisfy the customer、Symptoms that can not be avoided in manufacturing, so I will judge it as a good product、Thank you for your understanding on the order so that you can understand.Please note that the color and texture of the product may vary slightly depending on your monitor Environment and browser.


About care

・If you are concerned about discoloration due to aging, by polishing with a commercially available metal abrasive (metal polish, etc.) on the cloth, it will return to its original shine.

・If you want to remove the patina, polish the cloth with a liquid mixed with the same amount of salt in household vinegar.After that, drain it with water and wipe the moisture tightly.Now you can drop it to some extent, but it may not fall completely.



"KAZARINO -" is a brand that was born from the thought that I want you to feel more familiar with traditional Japanese metal fittings.
It has been used for the decoration of shrines and temples and Buddhist altars since ancient times, and has played a role in enhancing its beauty.
"KAZARINO -" delivers a sophisticated new form so that you can enjoy historical metal fittings in modern life.
The shine of 錺 is a gorgeous accent of everyday life.
The unique presence of 錺 softly enhances your personality and charm.












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