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Aki Yamazaki, Gyeon Karaki, African Blackwood

Aki Yamazaki, Gyeon Karaki, African Blackwood

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It will be the original gugu. Please enjoy the use of your choice and put syrup in addition to the pleasant sake by touching the lips and hands of Karaki.

This work will be available for pre-order.
Please contact us if you have a reservation.

Size: 6.5cm in length, 3.5cm in diameter, about 3cm in diameter
Contents: about 30cc
Delivery date: Inquiry about pre-order sales
Depending on the availability, it may take some time.
In the above case, we will contact you by e-mail.

Materials: African Black Wood

Because it uses natural materials, each type and texture are different.
I think that it is possible to handle it gently normally because it does not do excessive processing.
Please wash it softly with a neutral detergent and dry it naturally by avoiding the put-on washing, hot water, bleach, and dishwasher.
Bamboo items may mold, especially if the water accumulates below while standing in a state of water.
I think that the gloss comes out and you can use it neatly when the article of Karaki is washed gently usually with a neutral detergent and it wipes dry.
Nekori and Mantake also participated in the town's efforts to convey local wisdom and skills after retirement at the creative hall at the foot of Mt. Asama, Gunma Prefecture, where their parents were born.



Kokotan Minmi Yamazaki Aki

I've always liked making things, especially when my parents were born and raised at the foot of Mt. Asama, and as I started making things that my father passed down after retirement, I began to make things that I naturally liked with age.


"Types of bamboo used mainly"

Root-bending bamboo
Black bamboo

It is changed to the tea with the shade which is boiled in the charcoal kiln.
It becomes white, and it changes to the red color with the passage of time.


Karaki that looks black type of Karaki that is mainly used
African Black Wood
Striped ebony


Karaki which looks various even in tea
- Golden samurai
Purple Heart

And so on, I'm making it with Karaki that I was able to meet.
There is the one that the kind of the material is different even if it is the same shape.HereI don't knowPlease take a look.











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