Akira Yamazaki Karaki Spoon Nekikari Takeshitakushi Shiboku
Akira Yamazaki Karaki Spoon Nekikari Takeshitakushi Shiboku

Akira Yamazaki Karaki Spoon Nekikari Takeshitakushi Shiboku

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It is thought that the use of the first slender portion of the Gunma Prefecture-Sankuruchiku bamboo pottery is smoked and smoked at the carbons, and the one with the most slender hand is the color of the pigment, and the use of dessert or chawan is spread by using karaki, and the use of dessert and chawan is spread.

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Materials ...
It's a hand-bend, bamboo smoky.

Kogane no Koganebonan (Torara)

The use of natural materials is different from one type and one another.
It's not too much of a process, so I wish I could handle it very gently.
Wash water, hot water, bleach, and dishwasher will be washed with a neutral detergent, and natural drying will be requested.
There is a possibility that the bamboo goods are filled with water, especially when the water is laid down in a state of water, and so on.
I think you can clean up the karaki with a chinex detergent and wash it, and then you can clean it up and you can use it to clean it up.
At the foundation of the town, which was located at the foot of Mt. Asama, Gunma Prefecture, where his parents were born, his parents were also involved in the town's efforts to deliver the wisdom and skills of the local community after retirement, and it was also used for harvesting bamboo and bamboo, and using the materials to be used as a material for the harvest of bamboo and Makatake as well as smoke and oil.



Yamazaki Akinmi-Maki-Maki

I like to make things from before, and especially when my parents started to make things that they were born and raised at the foot of Mt. Asama, and I started to create things that my father would leave after retirement age, and I started to make things that I like naturally with age.


(The type of bamboo used for the main)

Riku Negokuratake

smoked in a charcoal kiln and changed into a dark tea
oil-free, white, to change over time, color to color,


Major varieties of karaki are used in the black-colored karaki.
African blackwood
ebony ebony


Karaki can be seen in a variety of tea
Golden Danges
Purple Heart

We are making it in the Tang tree that we met.
There are also different types of materials in the same shape.This way., please see.