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Akira Yamazaki chopstick rest, smoked bamboo 5-piece set

Akira Yamazaki chopstick rest, smoked bamboo 5-piece set

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It became a chopstick rest that you can enjoy a variety of colors, thickness and appearance by collecting the root bending bamboo from Gunma Prefecture and smoked in a charcoal kiln.

Size: about 7cm in length
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Material - - - Madake smoked


Because we use natural materials, each one has a different shape and texture.
I think if you can handle it normally gently because it is not excessive processing.
Please wash it softly with a mild detergent and dry it naturally without putting it on and washing, hot water, bleach, and dishwasher.
Bamboo products may become mildew if water accumulates underneath them while standing in a state where there is moisture.
I think that you can use it beautifully and shine out when you wash the goods of Karaki with neutral detergent and dry wipe normally gently.
Nekari and Madake were born in the creation Hall at the foot of Mt. Asama in Gunma prefecture, where their parents were from, and their parents participated in the town's efforts to pass on local wisdom and techniques after retirement, and they harvested and collected nekari bamboo and Madake, smoked in a charcoal oven, removed oil, and made materials, and now use the materials they want to keep.



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I have always loved making things, especially when my parents were born and raised at the foot of Mt. Asama, and my father started making things to pass on the skills and wisdom he learned after retirement.


竹 types of bamboo mainly used》

- Nekari bamboo
Black bamboo

Smoke in a charcoal kiln ... change to a tea with a shade
I remove oil ... it becomes whitish and changes to candy color with the passage of time


Main types of Karagi used Karagi that look black
- African blackwood.
- Striped Ebony


Karagi that looks different even in tea
Golden Dan
- Lignum Vita
- Purple Heart.
- Granadillo ・

It is made of Karagi that I met.
There are also different types of materials even in the same form.Here.Or ...Please see below.











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