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Mayuko Takeda Rainbow Light

Mayuko Takeda Rainbow Light

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Size: About 50 × 60
Materials: Glass
Dedicated box: There
Paying season: Shortest shipping in one business day (except for the dirt celebration)
If you want to spend time in stock situations, you can have a good time.
If you are above, please contact me by email.

Takeda Miyuko's other worksThis way.From here.

Please, customer.

Because the author's handiwork is made by one, dimensions, shapes, colors, and patterns are different from the raw materials. I'm doing a check to please your customers, but I'm not sure you're going to be able to use it.dimensions, shapes, colors, hiltsIf you have any differences, please understand the characteristics of the instrument as a good order. Also, depending on the color and texture of the product, the monitor environment available and the browser may vary somewhat in the color of the screen and actual product, so please understand.

Takeda Miyuko

Production while looking for something that is inspired and heartbreaking from nature.
It aims at healing works that feel familiar with light and color from everyday life and make it warmer.

Born in 1986 in Kumamoto City,
In 2005, Kumamoto Prefecture Second High School graduated from the Department of Fine Arts.
In 2007, Akita Public Art Institute graduated from the Department of Composition.
In 2009, Toyama Glass Workers' Experience Assistant
In 2011, Toyama Glass Workshop (2016)
The 55th Japan Craft Exhibition in 2015.
In 2016, the city of Toyama started its writer activities











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