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They're double-coated, buckwheat-mouthed pairs (green, gold-red, gold-red) sets.

They're double-coated, buckwheat-mouthed pairs (green, gold-red, gold-red) sets.

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Size: 7.6 cm in diameter × 6.1 cm in height
Quantity: 2 points in
Dedicated boxes: boxed
Materials: Crystal glass
Paying season: Shipment at shortest three business days (except for the Saturn Day celebration)
If you want to spend time in stock situations, you can have a good time.
If you are above, please contact me by email.

Please, customer.

Because it is made by craftsman hand, dimensions, shapes, colors, and patterns are different from burning and raw materials. I'm doing a check to please your customers, but I'm not sure you're going to be able to use it.dimensions, shapes, colors, hiltsIf you have any differences, please understand the characteristics of the instrument as a good order. Also, depending on the color and texture of the product, the monitor environment available and the browser may vary somewhat in the color of the screen and actual product, so please understand.


Other works of craftThis way.From here.


a craft of craft

The teenager of the teenager Shimazu Saiching founded a pharmaceutical museum in 1846 and started manufacturing medicines, but it was inevitable to need glassware to withstand the strong acid of the drug, and it was inviting the vitreous teacher (Giotaro) Shishimoto to make it.

And in 1851, Shimazu Sai was inaugurated as the 11th Lord of the Mama, and the purpose of glass making changed to creating colored stumps, which succeeded in coloring "Red Glass" and enhanced the name of the ma ma Vidro. After that, glass was moved to the building, and glass manufacturing was greatly enhanced with the technique of cutting, but the urgent reduction of the gypsy reduced the number of glass mills, and the British War in 1863 resulted in the return of the glass factory to the ashes.

After that, in 1985 (昭和60), about 120 years later, the reprint of the masa stump began again in the land of Saitaka, and now the "Magagamora crafts (株)" in Satsuma, Gunma-gun, produces several luxury goods at the time and a series of modern lifestyles.

handling attention

Note that mama stumps are not heat resistant glass; pouring hot water breaks them.

Crystal glass is soft glass, and don't be glad with each other.

Soak the dish detergent in melted lukewarm water and wash it politely with sponge or cloth. The cut surface should be washed with a soft brush sometimes.

Since all the glass cut polish is done by the craftsman, the weight and thickness of the work are different.

There are rarely any inclusions of foam and other things in the glass, but there are no quality problems.

Do not use dishwashers, microwaves, etc.

about repairs

in the craftIf you have a stump made, you will have a repair, so please consult me with you.

a rough flow up to repair

Step1: Call us, or contact us by email, and then mail the work to our company.
Step2: Workers confirm the status of lack or wounds, and calculate whether repairs are made, how to repair, and the estimated amount.
Step3: Please contact your customers whether they repair, how to repair, and how to estimate the amount.
Step 4: Repairs with more reconciliation than customers (about 1 to 2 months) 

repair case

repair contents
I cut the part where the drink was missing and cracked and repaired.
repair price
6,000 yen (excessive tax)











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