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Satsuma Kiriko double covered buckwheat noodles

Satsuma Kiriko double covered buckwheat noodles

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Size: 7.6 cm x height
Crystal glass
Exclusive box: in the box
Delivery: the shortest and three business days
Depending on the inventory situation, you may have time.
In the above case, we will contact you by email.

Customer request

Each craftsman is made one by one. Therefore, there may be individual differences depending on the size, shape, color, pattern, etc. We are looking to ensure that you are satisfiedDimensions, shapes, colors and patternsAs for the difference of the equipment, please understand that it is understood as a characteristic of the container and order it. Please note that the color of the product and the quality of the product may be slightly different depending on the monitor environment and the browser.


Other works of SatsumaHereFrom


Satsuma magyo

Satsuma Kiriko, the tenth Lord of Satsuma domain, Tadaoki Shimazu, established the pharmaceutical building in 1846, and started to manufacture medicine, but it was the beginning of the invitation of the glass glass glass maker, kamejiro Shiba, to be able to withstand the strong acid of medicine, and started to manufacture.

In 1851, when yasuakira Shimazu assumed the eleventh Lord of Satsuma domain, the aim of the glass production was to create a color hikeshi Kiri, and he succeeded in producing the color of "red glass", and the name of Satsuma beadro was raised. After that, the glass kiln was moved to the ISO collection hall, and the production of the glass was carried out together with the technique of Kiriko, but it was reduced by nariakira's sudden death, and the glass factory also returned to the ashes in the Satsuma war in 1863.

Later, in 1985, after about 120 years, the reincarnation of Satsuma Kiriko started in the land of ISO, which was related to nariakira, and now, in Satsuma Town, Satsuma Town, Satsuma City, "Satsuma maro ware Corporation" has produced a variety of masterpieces at that time and Satsuma Kiriko that matched the modern lifestyle.

Attention in handling

Satsuma Kiriko is not heat resistant glass. Please note that hot water will break.

Crystal glass is soft glass. Please do not apply with glass.

Soak detergent in lukewarm water and wash with sponge or cloth. Cut surfaces sometimes wash with soft brush.

The weight and thickness of the work are different because it is done manually by the craftsman by the craftsman.

There are rare substances such as bubbles in the glass, but there is no problem in the quality.

Do not use tableware or microwave oven.

About the repair

In the Satsuma art craftsPlease make sure to consult with you for the repair of Satsuma Kiriko.

A rough flow to repair

Step 1: we contact our company by telephone or email and send the work to us.
Step 2: the craftsmen lack or repair the condition of the wound, check the repair, repair method and estimate amount.
Step 3: we will be able to repair our customers from our company.
Step 4: repair and repair. (1 to 2 months) 

Repair case

Contents of repair
Removes and removes the part of the mouth.
Repair price
6000 yen











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