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Magewappa Shibatatokushouten Rice case”Ohitsu” (“Meshibitsu Small 3go)

Magewappa Shibatatokushouten Rice case”Ohitsu” (“Meshibitsu Small 3go)

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Shibatatokushoten's rice case "Ohitsu" has a wooden case that absorbs excess water, so you can eat delicious rice.
Why don't you start your life with your favorite rice by making your usual rice more delicious?
It is also recommended as a gift for those who are indebted.

Size: Diameter about 19cm Height 10.5cm
Delivery time: Ships in the next business day at the earliest (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Material: Wood
It may take some time depending on the stock status. In the above cases, we will contact you by email.

Fukuoka Prefecture's traditional crafts HAKATA MAGEMONO

Magewappa lunch boxes are gaining popularity.
Because the material absorbs excess water in the rice bowl
You can eat delicious rice, and you can use the tray and the bowl in a fashionable way not only for Japanese food but also for modern food.
It is a safe and natural material because it is made by fixing it with cherry blossom skin without using any metal nails.
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It is said that the history of HAKATAMAGEMONO, which is made by ripening cedar innocent grain boards, began to flourish in the Edo period.
Shibatatokushouten has been handing down HAKATAMAGEMONO, which are intangible cultural properties, for 300 years since the company was founded.
The late Tokugoro Shibata has been certified as an intangible cultural property technology holder, and now three craftsmen, including his daughter Toshiko Shibata, are making HAKATAMAGEMONO.
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The lunch box of Shibata Toku Shoten is made by making the best use of the original wood surface.
Since the bottom plate is an inset type, water may leak slightly.
After use, rinse with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly.
Do not use detergent and avoid soaking and washing. (A warm air dryer can be used)
If dirt remains on the corners, it will darken. Please be careful.
First, pour hot water of about 80 degrees inside, leave it for 2 to 3 minutes, and repeat it a couple of times to remove the scent of cedar.
If "astringency" remains, it may be colored. (No harm)
After that, please use it after drying it well.
Trees are living things. If you store it in a well-ventilated place, you can use it in good condition for a long time.
HAKATAMAGEMONO Shibatatokushouten

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Each one is made by hand by a craftsman. Therefore, individual differences may occur in dimensions, shapes, colors, wood grain patterns, etc.
We have inspected the product to satisfy our customers, but please understand that any distortion that may not interfere with the use is a characteristic of Magewappa before ordering. In addition, regarding the color and texture of the product, please note that the color of the screen and the actual product may differ slightly depending on the monitor environment and browser used.












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