Collection: Maewappa Bento Box HAKATAMAGEMONO "Shibata Toku Shoten"

Magewappa Bento is a popular lunch box.


The material of the rice bowl absorbs excess water, so you can eat delicious rice.

There is a warmth of wood, and when you put rice in the bowl, it has a nice scent that makes your hands more advanced than usual.

The trays and serving bowls can be used not only for Japanese food but also for modern dishes and sweets.

Not only the square type but also the round type is popular for lunch boxes.

You can also pack sandwiches in a container called OJU in two stages.

It is a safe and natural material because it is made by fixing it with cherry blossom skin without using any metal nails.

A container that is light and makes you want to use it every day.

Would you like to start a life with magewappa?